Ecko, the Mastodon Fork

hier ist die Anleitung auf Deutsch.

What is Ecko?

Ecko is a Mastodon fork with many cool features, that Mastodon doesn't have. It follows the Collective Code Construction Contract or C4 to e.g. add features that are deemed valuable by the community. This is a difference from Mastodon, where Gargron decides which features Mastodon should have on his own even against the public opinion.

What features does Ecko have, that Mastodon doesn't?

The admin can change the following values in the config file:

The admin can also upload a favicon in the admin settings and import/export the instance blocklist. Furthermore local toots are possible. Those are toots that can only be seen by people on the same instance.

Where can I find an Ecko instance to join as a user?

You can try the official instance here. There is also a short list of known Ecko instances here.

How do I install Ecko?

Here is a very easy guide on installing apps like Ecko via YunoHost. If you're more skilled you can also install Ecko from the official Github repo.

How do I modify Ecko?

To modify different values you have to edit the config file, which is located at /var/www/ecko/live/.env.production.

Here are the steps to edit the file, when you installed ecko via YunoHost.