Beginners Guide to Pixelfed

Pixelfed is a decentral, federated, ad-free & free-software photoblogging Platform. Decentral and federated means that there are multiple servers which are all their own platforms, but they communicate with each other, building a larger social network. Pixelfed is actually part of the Fediverse.

What does Pixelfed feel like?

Pixelfed is a lot like Instagram. You can only post image posts and your profile will display thumbnails of the images you uploaded. You can like other people's images and comment on them.

What are some advantages over Instagram?

How to get an account?

First you need to pick an instance – a server that will be home to your account. There is a list of instances ordered by the number of accounts they host here. If it's important to you to get a lot of followers you best pick an instance with lots of people on it. If you don't speak English there is e.g. for German speakers and for Italians. Once you picked an instance, just visit it and click on “register”. You'll need an eMail address and a password.

How to get started with your account

First fill out your profile info. Upload an avatar, add a website if you have one and pick your pronouns. Next post your first image and maybe add some text about you. Who are you? What do you do? What kind of posts can people expect from you? Maybe use the #introduction or #introductions hashtags.

Visit the public timeline which can be found under /timeline/public and start liking some posts and following some people. Posts by people you follow will appear in the home timeline.


Federation, meaning the discovery of posts and users from other instances doesn't work perfectly for Pixelfed yet. Basically you can be seen and followed by anybody on the fediverse, but following profiles on other Pixelfed instances or elswhere on the Fediverse still has some flaws. To follow you, other people first have to discover your account and you can make that a lot easier by having a Mastodon account, where you share your Pixelfed posts.

Mobile Apps

Pixeldroid is an unofficial Pixelfed client for Android. For now there is no iOS app.

Further reading

Here you'll find a list of interesting links about Pixelfed.