Paving the Way for The New Wave of CMOs “Marketers have a skillset that should be utilized for things outside of just improving the bottom line but if you can prove your value in numbers, you’re much more likely to be trusted with budget, and the sky’s the limit for creative opportunities,” says Cristy Garcia, Chief Marketing Officer, in an exclusive interview with TalkCMO. TCMO Bureau: Why has the role of CMO been predominantly female in recent years? Cristy Garcia: I think people are drawn into careers based on gender roles growing up. Men are stereotypically drawn to Science, Technology, Engineering, And Mathematics (STEM) roles where women tend to gravitate towards things like reading and writing, or more creative roles. TCMO Bureau: Typically, individuals aren’t in the CMO role for very long – the average is actually around 40 months compared to a CEO’s tenure of 80 months. How do we judge what makes a good CMO? Also Read: How CMOs can Enhance Customer Experience Strategy Cristy Garcia: Since the introduction of attribution in digital marketing and advertising, marketing leaders are now able to prove the revenue and pipeline contribution of marketing efforts. And when you can tie your performance to revenue growth, you’re pretty tough to get rid of TCMO Bureau: Marketing is an ever-changing skill. With new, more interactive channels taking centre stage, how will marketing keep up? Cristy Garcia: It can become a bit of a circus, especially with so many different social channels but we’ve found that there is a time and a place for everything. Great marketing used to be tied to catchy jingles, then compelling white papers and informative e-books but now more modernized snackable and visual marketing pieces take first place. TCMO Bureau: With summer just around the corner and many events making a comeback after the pandemic, as a CMO are you jumping fully back in? Cristy Garcia: I’m cautiously optimistic. We know that the world is just different now. None of us can gaze into a crystal ball to predict what is going to happen. But we can take precautions: at, we won’t sign a contract to sponsor an event unless there is a COVID cancellation policy, and full refund should there be an issue. TCMO Bureau: Finally, what do you think makes a modern female CMO successful in 2022? Full Interview Link :