Testing out a new blog platform

Why I'm trying this

This is mostly a test, I've been looking into alternative blogging platforms for a while, and this seems pretty much like exactly what I've been looking for . Things like medium and such are centralized, and so they're not really of much interest to me . Not to mention, they're also closed source which doesn't really matter all that much for a blog i suppose but I'd still rather know what's going on under the hood at least .

Why open source matters

I think it's important generally, even for the little things, to try to understand how everything works, all they way down, or at least as much as you can . The more you understand about the underlying systems will help you better understand some of the quirks the higher abstraction layers might have . Generally, it's just better to try to know what you're doing as best you can .

What I'm looking for

In this case, being based on activitypub, I already know to a degree what to expect from this . What mostly important, i.e. what's going to change from other platforms, is what's of most interest to me . I've looked into plume for example, a similar concept to this one, but was a little disappointed by it, so I'm hoping this one fulfills my needs better .